We are a team of Ontological Coaches, certified at MMK Institute under the umbrella of the International Coach Federation, with years of experience and passion for life and business coaching. We created this web page after hearing all the concerns and situations from our beloved clients, from our own life experiences and because we wanted to create a space of possibilities, so other persons could learn how to relate in better ways with their reality, while living in the present moment. The reason behind sharing this practice with you, is because it has beautifully impacted our lives in many ways with our loved ones and in our business practices.


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A session with Blanca is like talking to a good friend. Her attentive way of listening to you allows one to freely express everything that is happening in their life. She is very professional and guides you on getting to the root cause in a very clear and loving way. I have always thanked her for every step I have taken. The truth is that without her help it would've been impossible. Her commitment and honesty are admirable. Thanks Blanca!

Marisela Caro


Coaching sessions with Sonia have helped me experience functional possibilities. Looking at my life experiences under different perspectives has been really helpful, and as a result I feel more peaceful and relaxed. These sessions have also helped me turn down the intensity of my emotions volume. All of this helps me flow better in my daily life . Im really grateful. (Thanks Sonia !)

Mariana Escamilla


Every single session was like a relief to my soul! I can honestly say that I have no idea how she managed to summarize my random topics, put all my concerns in one sentence and work from there until I actually started feeling the heaviness of my chest disappeared and I was ready-and willing- to work on my goals and emotions.

Most of all I love the fact that the learning and awakening doesn't stop when the session ends, her words and exercises continue working with-and on- me all the time.

Virginia Smith


Coaching sessions with Carmen are wonderful and enlightening. She helps you realize aspects of your life you may not have noticed before. She guides you to find the distinctions that allow you to have more clarity in your life. There is a before and after when you do a session with her. I love them!

Beatriz Araiza


"Where are you?
What time is it?
Who are you?
This moment!"

Peaceful Warrior


Business and Life Coach

Was born in Monterrey, Mexico. Has degrees in Business Administration, Educational Psychology and Ontological Coaching. Mother of two young ladies, who are her inspiration.

As a Business Consultant in an array of industries encompassing human resources, sales, marketing strategies, quality control and organizational development, she observed a lack of synchronicity between employees’ personal purpose and the goals and productivity of the respective company.

As a result, she sought to resolve this situation, by conducting holistic workshops and trainings about empowerment in the workplace by utilizing the techniques of Ontological Coaching.

"Having opportunities to accompany, guide and educate people on their journey, by helping them develop new possibilities, fills me with inmense joy and gratitude".

"Nothing binds you except your thoughts,
Nothing limits you except your fear, and
Nothing controls you except your beliefs."

Marianne Williamson


Life Coach

Since a young girl Sonia has always been an eager and enthusiastic student of all issues related to self-knowledge, human relationships, personal growth, and holistic healthy lifestyles.

Two years ago, without really looking for it, she came across the opportunity of studying and certifying herself as an “ontological coach”. As a result, Sonia found an extremely valuable tool that has allowed her to discover means that help her perceive and interpret reality in such ways that empower and encourage her to design her life in a more loving and carefree manner.... evaporating suffering in the way.

Sonia was born and has lived all her life in Mexico. She is a happily married woman and mother of 2 wonderful sons and a lovely daughter.

“...After all this time gathering and collecting conceptual and practical knowledge for myself and my loved ones, I feel a sincere desire to share my wisdom with the rest of the world.... I hope I can be a beacon of light in your path.... my best to all of you, Sonia..”

"A thought is harmless unless we believe it."

Byron Katie


Business and Life Coach

Beatriz was born in Texas and grew up in Tamaulipas, Mexico. As a child, she was always very curious to discover what the trick was to live a peaceful and happy life, which sparked a passion for reading self help books and biographies. She has a degree in International Business. In 2003 she founded her fist company in Monterrey in partnership with a Canadian Quinoa Company. In 2010 she moved to Canada to work with her partners and it was then when she expanded her horizons and took the opportunity to obtain the Ontological Coaching Certification. “Coaching has helped me achieve effective results that I never thought possible. It has helped me to have clear intentions and to practice keeping my mind at its center”.

She also has a passion for painting, for has been a hobby of hers since her teens.

"I believe that the language that we use is not innocent. The stories that we tell ourselves impact the positive results that we get". - Beatriz

"Change the way you look at things, And the things you look at, will change."

Wayne Dyer


Business and Life Coach

Carmen was born and raised in Mexico City, she found the love of her life there, got married and moved to Italy where they had two wonderful children and then her husband’s job brought them to Germany where they have been living for the past eight years.

Carmen likes to say that she is Mexican by birth, Italian by heart, and currently German by adoption.

She graduated with a masters degree in international business and has recently become an ontological coach by the MMK Institute.

She found her life’s passion in coaching and in accompanying others in a journey to discover their full potential to transform their lives.

She would like to share the tools of self-knowledge that have reminded her of her true self. These tools have helped her break mental barriers, awaken her consciousness, and see new possibilities in her life.

Carmen believes that we are the creators of our own lives, and she would like to help you reach your full potential and to choose the life you desire.